Engaged @ Work: A Manifesto For People Who Want To Be Indispensable

Engaged @ Work: A Manifesto For People Who Want To Be Indispensable by Jackie & Kevin Freiberg
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Jackie &
Kevin Freiberg
Date Released
153 x 234mm
Out Of Print

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Why do movers and shakers move and shake? They are fully awake, fully alive, fully checked-in, and firing on all cylinders. Jackie and Kevin Freiberg's contagious enthusiasm will convince ordinary people that they are capable of extraordinary influence and can achieve amazing things at work.

'Engaged @ Work' is a three part book that encourages people who feel that they are stuck in dead end jobs that they don't have to be the CEO to make a significant contribution in the workplace. The first part of the book, 'Engaged @ Work: The Power of Being Fully Alive', examines several case studies of people who are making the most of their jobs.

Part II of the 'Engaged @ Work', titled 'Dead People Working', shows that you don't need to be the CEO to have a positive and lasting impact at the office. The Freibergs promote the belief that your choices determine the quality of life at work, and that in order to excel employees need to be players, not spectators. Part II also focuses on things to avoid at work in a chapter called 'The Enemies'. This list of things to avoid includes a bad relationship with your boss, a toxic work culture, and communication that is non-existent or lacks a spirit of optimism and hope.

The book concludes with Part III, 'Becoming Fully Alive at Work'. In this section, the Freibergs unveil and explain their manifesto so that you too can be engaged at work. "Life is not a Dress Rehearsal", "Your Work is a Statement About You", and "Your Future Isn't in the Rear View Mirror", are all examples of chapters in their inspirational manifesto that encourages everyone to fulfill their potential at work.
Publication Date:
28 / 03 / 2007
153 x 234mm

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