Engineering Applications

Engineering Applications by James Ritchie

By: James Ritchie

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All accredited engineering courses include Engineering Applications (EA) - the practical study through project work of the essentials of design, drafting, manufacturing and materials. This book provides students on HNC/D and the early years of degree courses with the information necessary to support the project work they must undertake to fulfil the EA part of their course. The book includes a Quick Reference Guide that will be of use throughout a career in engineering. The purpose of this textbook is to introduce the student to the concept of EA, providing a grounding in the basics that will allow the reader to tackle EA projects. The text is complemented by a Tutor's Resource Pack, which provides a bank of photocopiable project specifications and a range of support materials including record sheets, charts and diagrams. A practical, project-based approach to EAA text, a project resource and a reference guide all in oneProject briefs provided in a photocopiable Tutor's Resource Pack
Publication Date:
02 / 12 / 2012

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