Entourage 5th Edition by Ernest Burden
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The definitive tracing file for design professionals--updated and expanded

Packed with hundreds of traceable drawings and more than 1000 photographic images, Entourage, Fifth Edition, provides a quick and easy way to create visually persuasive architectural presentations. This fully revised volume offers a vast assortment of contemporary entourage figures that allows architects, commercial artists, interior and graphic designers, and draftspersons to bring designs to life. You'll also get tips for creating your own entourage file of images--including where to search, how to photograph them, and how to develop them into usable illustrations. Add more power and impact to your presentations using this invaluable, state-of-the-art resource.

Entourage, Fifth Edition, features:

Up-to-date images of diverse people, trees and plants, vehicles, and other environmental elements

Figures and objects in various sizes, scales, and postures

Valuable tips for altering images in Photoshop

How-to information for composing entourage images in drawing layouts

Real-world examples of how professional renderers use entourage elements in their drawings

Tips for effectively conveying the function of the depicted project

A convenient organization based on size and category of figure

Full color images of people, trees, vehicles, and more on enclosed DVD

Add to the success of your architectural sketches and color renderings with the new and expanded Fifth Edition of Entourage.
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2011

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