Environmental and Pollution Science

Environmental and Pollution Science by Charles P. Gerba

By: Charles P. Gerba

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Environmental and Pollution Science, Second Edition, provides the latest information on the environmental influence of a significant number of subjects, and discusses their impact on a new generation of students. This updated edition of Pollution Science has been renamed to reflect a wider view of the environmental consequences we pay as a price for a modern economy. The authors have compiled the latest information to help students assess environmental quality using a framework of principles that can be applied to any environmental problem. The book covers key topics such as the fate and transport of contaminants, monitoring and remediation of pollution, sources and characteristics of pollution, and risk assessment and management. It contains more than 400 color photographs and diagrams, numerous questions and problems, case studies, and highlighted keywords. This book is ideally suited for professionals and students studying the environment, especially as it relates to pollution as well as government workers and conservationists/ecologists.* Emphasizes conceptual understanding of environmental impact, integrating the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and mathematics* Topics cover the fate and transport of contaminants; monitoring and remediation of pollution; sources and characteristics of pollution; and risk assessment and management* Includes color photos and diagrams, chapter questions and problems, and highlighted key words
Publication Date:
09 / 08 / 2011

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