Epistemology of A Priori Knowledge

Epistemology of A Priori Knowledge by Tamara Horowitz

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This volume collects four published articles by the late Tamara Horowitz and two unpublished papers on decision theory: Making Rational Decisions When Preferences Cycle and the monograph-length The Backtracking Fallacy. An introduction is provided by editor Joseph Camp. Horowitz preferred to recognize the diversity of rationality, both practical and theoretical rationality. She resisted the temptation to accept simple theories of rationality that are quick to characterize ordinary reasoning as fallacious. This broadly humanist approach to philosophy is exemplified by the articles in this collection. As just one example, in The Backtracking Fallacy, she argues that there are policies for decision-making a person may adopt if the person prefers to do so, but need not adopt. A person who employs such a policy no longer can regard standard expected utility theory as exceptionless, thereby sacrificing theoretical simplicity. But it is a mistake, Horowitz argues, to preserve theoretical simplicity by falsifying the decision making methods real people really use.
Publication Date:
16 / 11 / 2005

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