Equity and Trusts Law Directions

Equity and Trusts Law Directions by Gary Watt
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Equity and Trusts Law Directions is written in an informal, engaging and lively manner with an emphasis on explaining the key topics covered on equity and trusts courses with clarity. The text is aimed at engaging the reader's imagination through the use of diagrams, charts and references to extra-legal materials including news items and extracts from artistic, including literary, works. The substantive content of the text is designed to emphasize the relationship betweenequity, trusts, property, contract, and restitution to enable students to map out conceptual connections between related legal ideas. There is also a focus on modern cases in the commercial sphere to reflect the constantly changing and socially-significant role of trusts and equity. A number of learningfeatures are used throughout the text encouraging students to engage with the subject-matter, test their knowledge and check their understanding of the law. These features include self-assessment questions and exercises, chapter summaries, diagrams, and guides to further reading. Online Resource CentreThe third edition of Equity and Trusts Law Directions is supported by a fully comprehensive Online Resource Centre, featuring: WeblinksPointers for answering the self-assessment questionsPodcastFlashcard glossaryTest BankUpdates
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17 / 05 / 2012

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