Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science: A Handbook for Field Professionals

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Environmental public health is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the direct impact of exposure to environmental hazards on the publics health and wellbeing. Assessing and addressing the risks of chemical hazards requires a sound knowledge of toxicology, environmental epidemiology, environmental science, health risk assessment, and public health principles.Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science provides practical guidance on the technical aspects of environmental and public health investigations. Written by leaders in the field, the authors provide practical, expert advice on a range of topics from key concepts and framework for investigation to contaminated land and waste management. Case studies are used to aid learning and understand of the topics discussed.Produced by Public Health England, Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science offers a comprehensive and structured approach to understanding environmental public health issues and will be essential reading for all students and professionals in environmental public health.
Publication Date:
30 / 01 / 2014

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