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    By: Glen Kramer

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    Written by one of the authors of the IEEE802.3ah standard, this is the first book to fully explain the EPON architecture, analyze its performance, and annotate the standard. Clearly addressing efficiency, performance, and implementation issues, Ethernet Passive Optical Networks provides valuable, annotated insights into all engineering-critical EPON topics, including:
    PON enabling technologies Point-to-point emulation Multi-point control protocol Error correction Performance analysis Discovery optimizations Quality of service in EPON Fairness vs. efficiency There is no more expert or complete guide to understanding the performance and architectural complexities of EPON than Ethernet Passive Optical Networks. Inside Ethernet Passive Optical Networks: Part I: Overview of Access Network Architectures * Introduction * Overview of PON Enabling Technologies * Access Network Architectures Based on TDMA PON * Emergence of Ethernet PON Part II: EPON Architecture * EPON Overview * Logical Topology Emulation * Laser Control Function * Multi-Point Control Protocol: A Formal Specification * Forward Error Correction Part III: System-Level Issues * EPON Encryption Mechanism * Path Protection in EPON Part IV: EPON Performance Baseline Efficiency * Discovery Slot Allocation * EPON with Static Slot Assignment * EPON with Dynamic Slot Assignment * Support for Differentiated Classes of Service * Objectives of EPON Scheduling Algorithm * Cousin-Fair Hierarchical Scheduling in EPON * Conclusion

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