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By the late 1960s, in a Europe divided by the Cold War and challenged by global revolution in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, thousands of young people threw themselves into activism to change both the world and themselves. This new and exciting study of Europes 1968 is based on the rich oral histories of nearly 500 former activists collected by an international team of historians across fourteen countries. Activists own voices reflect on how they were drawninto activism, how they worked and struggled together, how they combined the political and the personal in their lives, and the pride or regret with which they look back on those momentous years. Themes explored include generational revolt and activists relationship with their families, the meanings ofrevolution, transnational encounters and spaces of revolt, faith and radicalism, dropping out, gender and sexuality, and revolutionary violence. Focussing on the way in which the activists themselves made sense of their revolt, Europes 1968 makes a major contribution to both oral history and memory studies. This ambitious study ranges widely across Europe from Francos Spain to the Soviet Union, and from the two Germanys to Greece, and throws new light on moments and movements whichboth united and divided the activists of Europes 1968.
Publication Date:
13 / 06 / 2013

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