Eve-olution: The 8 Truths Of Marketing To Women

Eve-olution: The 8 Truths Of Marketing To Women by Faith Popcorn
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129 x 195mm

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Women and men are as different shop-ologically as they are biologically. Women have emerged as the most influential consumer force in history - but if women are fundamentally different from men, why do we still market to them in the same way?

This is the first step-by-step book that explains why all companies need to market to women and teaches them how to do it. Leading consumer trends forecaster Faith Popcorn reveals how to understand, reach, motivate and sustain the loyalty of the female customer. While there are countless books about how women think differently, talk differently and feel differently, this is the only one about how they buy and relate to brands differently.

The book demonstrates a revolutionary framework for brand-building, a systematic redefinition with profound implications not just for marketing, but for the way your business is structured, financed, organised and managed on a minute-to-minute basis.

Using case studies and examples from Faith Popcorn's own consulting work, 'Eve-olution' will change the brand-to-female relationship forever.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2001
129 x 195mm

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