Events Feasibility and Development

Events Feasibility and Development by William O'Toole

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Events Feasibility and Development: From Strategy to Operations answers two fundamental questions faced by all events planners and organisers: "how do I justify this event to the client?" and "why are we spending money on this event?". With a user-friendly learning structure containing bullet points, questions and exercises and international case studies (Australian Taxation Office, Saudi Arabian events returns, Fuji-Xerox events), Events Feasibility and Development: From Strategy to Operations looks at issues such as: The process of creating a feasibility study Events forecasting models and cost/benefit analysis Types of events (exhibitions, sports, festivals) and their benefits and returns Project management tools for measuring return on investment Companion website: -- contains videos, colour photos and a list of related resources. Presents tools, techniques and arguments for justifying expenditure on event and festivalsGuides the reader through the project management process moulding existing models of cost benefit analysis for the events industryInternational case study material is used throughout to add practical insight and support theory
Publication Date:
25 / 01 / 2011

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