Dr Karl Kruszelnicki 2018

Learn Vital Science with Dr Karl!

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has published more than twenty books. He appears regularly on TV, has hosted Sleek Geeks with Adam Spencer, and is an engaging commentator on the scientific phenomena around us.

QBD Books are excited to be hosting a book signing for Dr Karl's brand new book, Vital Science. We'd love you to come along and meet "the Doctor"!

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will be at the below QBD locations in November and December. We can't wait to see you there!

QBD Indooroopilly
Date Saturday, 24th of November
Time From 10:30am

QBD Garden City
Date Sunday, 25th of November
Time From 1pm

QBD Hornsby
Date Saturday, 1st of December
Time From 2pm

QBD Miranda
Date Sunday, 2nd of December
Time From 10am

QBD Macarthur Square
Date Saturday, 8th of December
Time From 10am
Tell your friends, tell your family...bring everyone along for a great time and meet one of Australia's most beloved personalities, just outside QBD Books.

About Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
A former roadie, taxi driver, TV weatherman, car mechanic, film maker, labourer and doctor at a children's hospital, Karl has qualifications in science, maths, engineering, medicine and surgery. He is the author of over 16 books, including Latest Great Moments in Science, Bizarre Moments in Science, Sensational Moments in Science and Absolutely Fabulous Moments in Science. Great Australian Facts & Firsts, a series of three children's titles, was published by HarperCollins in August this year.

He spreads the Word of Science on radio Triple J each Thursday at 11am and makes four hours of science reports for ABC radio each week. Karl is also currently featured as the principal personality in the second series of SBS-TV's popular '2nd Opinion' prime time infotainment show.

In his spare time (which he doesn't have enough of), Karl enjoys four-wheel driving through the outback every year and he and his family next want to experience both the Midnight Sun (24 hours of sunlight), and the Midday Night (24 hours of darkness).
About Vital Science
Vital Science by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Get your pulse racing with Australia's most popular scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Discover why people tell lies, why some planets are hotter than stars and how humans are terraforming the Earth. Is cockroach milk really the next Superfood? Why are birds so smart? Why do trees need each other to grow and how do they communicate? Why did a group of scientists voluntarily starve to death while surrounded by tonnes of food?

How long does a decapitated head stay "alive"? What human artefacts can be seen with the naked eye from the International Space Station? Who is Bertha Benz and how did her first car trip revolutionise how we use petrol today?

Finally, monitor your breathing and learn why whales are so big, why oral histories are surprisingly accurate and try the five tried-and-tested steps to becoming a wellness guru.