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    By: Cassandra Carter

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    Simple and Practical Spells and Charms to Change Your Life!

    More and more people are interested in magic and in using it in their daily lives. But much of the literature on magic is very mystical or confronting for, say, a woman in her 30s who'd like to know more but wouldn't dream of joining a coven. This is the book for those women.

    It is all about practical magic. It tells you how to make charms using the things in your kitchen and garden, and how to cast spells to find love, get the job of your dreams and much more.

    This book shows you how to bring magical forces into your life in all sorts of different ways. It tells you when you should use a love spell and, just as importantly, when you should stay away from one. It explains why muesli is the perfect thing offering in return for the ingredients you gather from nature.

    This is magic that uses microwaves as well as incantations, that counsels personal wisdom as well as offering a recipe for sesame potatoes (to open those metaphorical doors). It's accessible, contemporary and immediately useful.

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