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Current Topics in Membranes is targeted toward scientists and researchers in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology, providing the necessary membrane research to assist them in understanding the current state and future prospects of a particular field. This volume on exchangers, in conjunction with a previous volume on cotransporters (volume 70), represents an up-to-date, systematic, and comprehensive review of all the major secondary active carrier proteins responsible for the absorption, secretion, and general transport of ions and solutes in mammalian organ systems and additional species. Each chapter is devoted to a specific transporter or a grouping of related transporters based on the well-recognized nomenclature of the SoLute Carrier (SLC) gene family. This book provides readers with the latest mechanistic information on the function and structure of specific transporters, as well as their history and physiological significance. Comprehensive review of all the major exchangers Emphasis on protein mechanism with the most recent findings from functional and structural workAuthoritative work from experts in the field
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15 / 04 / 2014

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