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    Facilities Site Piping Systems Handbook

    By: Michael Frankel

    Date Released

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    Complete and current coverage of site piping systems for facilities

    Featuring the latest codes and standards, this detailed resource discusses the design of facility piping systems that are installed on the site beyond the building wall. This is a comprehensive guide to the identification, measurement, transport, and disposal of various kinds of waterborne waste as well as to the supply of water and natural gas to facilities. Water conservation and reuse are also addressed. Written by a global expert in the field, this book provides the most up-to-date criteria and methods for the design of commercial, industrial, and institutional site facility systems.

    Facilities Site Piping Systems Handbook covers:

    Water wells


    Groundwater monitoring wells

    Water treatment


    Site domestic water service

    Site fire protection

    Site fuel gas systems

    Fats, oils, and grease interceptors, and motor oil separation units

    pH neutralization systems

    Infectious and biological waste drainage systems

    Nuclear waste

    Industrial waste

    Fire suppression water drainage

    Volatile liquids: treatment and disposal

    Stormwater harvesting and reuse

    Stormwater drainage and disposal

    Flow in ditches and open channels

    Sanitary gravity flow

    Pump discharge systems

    Underground piping design

    Freezing prevention of water and wastewater in exterior pipes and tanks

    Building rating and assessment systems

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