Facility Design and Management Handbook

Facility Design and Management Handbook by Eric Teicholz

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A new paradigm in facility management

A unique, just-in-time resource from profession leader Eric Teicholz, Facility Design and Management Handbook empowers you to make your facility state of the art. Packed with tips from U.S. and international case studies from government, health care, retail, finance, manufacturing, and academia, this guide gives you access to the productivity tools, technologies, and stratagems that have revolutionized the field in the last five years, helping you to:

Find the best, most cost-effective solutions for issues from “greenness” and sustainability to disaster recovery and technology integration

Use new tools for space and asset allocation, project management, process coordination, and systems integration

Improve accuracy in financial forecasting, budgeting, architectural and interior design planning, and market research

Create cost-effective “smart” buildings with state-of-the art security, energy management, lighting strategies, and maintenance efficiency

Discover innovative solutions for human resources needs

Integrate the Internet into your management program

Automate nearly all your tasks for major productivity gains

Apply benchmarking standards and other measurements that demonstrate and assure facility management productivity

Accompanying time-saving, efficiency-boosting CD-ROM is loaded with sample documents—from budgets, schedules, plans to cost-benefit analyses, checklists, forms and audits; standards for communications and database, integration, building and construction, CAD conventions; Web links and other resources.
Publication Date:
14 / 02 / 2001

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