Family Album by Margaret Scott
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126 x 193mm
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Other Titles by Margaret Scott

A Novel of Secrets and Memories.

'For years, James Edward Phillips kept his wife and children in the dark. All through the time in the tall stone house on the corner of Howard Road, through the nights of the Blitz and the summer holidays at Brean, he let everyone think that the had never known his parents and that any brothers and sisters he might have had were lost without trace. On the few occasions when he made some reference to his early life, he spoke as though he had emerged into history at the age of six when someone in London had packed his belongings in a little wooden box and put him on a train to Bristol.'

When Louie's father dies, she discovers that she didn't know him at all. Suddenly people are appearing claiming to be relatives - people Louie and her sister had never heard of, people who knew their father very well indeed. What was her father's secret? How could anyone have hidden life for decade after decade?

As Louie researches the gas-lit streets of Victorian London to find out the truth about her father's family, she takes the scant facts she can gather and imagines what really happens into a story of her own. Though as she keeps asking questions, she discovers that her father was not the only one in the family with secrets to keep . . .

What Louie creates is a vivid story of two pampered daughters fallen on hard times, of better instincts corrupted by exhaustion and petty revenge, of cold-blooded calculation, of passion, and of rending betrayals of the most bitter kind.
Publication Date:
04 / 08 / 2000
126 x 193mm

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