Farley Follows His Nose

Farley Follows His Nose by Lynn Johnston
Date Released
254 x 254mm

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Farley is a big-hearted dog who loves to eat and isn't too particular about where his next snack comes from. Fresh from his bath on a beautiful summer day‚ he follows his nose from one alluring scent to another-experiencing the world through its smells‚ as only a dog can. Along the way‚ he helps out a new friend‚ and after a day of wandering‚ Farley is reunited with his family.

A circular story‚ repeating refrains‚ good humor‚ and an engaging canine hero make this story a delightful read-aloud and a marvelous picture book. The added bonus for the 220 million readers of FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE is that the book stars the family from Lynn Johnston's popular strip.

A portion of the proceeds from this book benefit the Farley Foundation‚ a nonprofit dedicated to helping provide essential veterinary services for pets whose owners do not have the means to pay these costs. Find out more at www.farleyfoundation.org.

Ages 4-8
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009
254 x 254mm

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