Fatima's Good Fortune

Fatima's Good Fortune by Joanne & Gerry Dryansky
By: Joanne & Gerry Dryansky
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153 x 234mm

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An enchanting and heart-warming story of a Parisian housemaid who transforms the lives of the people around her.
Deep in the heart of Paris, in the elegant Sixteenth Arrondissement, at the top of the smart apartment building at Number 34bis Avenue Victor-Hugo, on the sixth floor at the end of a long landing, there is a housemaid's simple room. This is Fatima Monsour's new home. She has left her home on a beautiful Tunisian island to work for the exacting Countess Palais du Roc.

Fatima arrives to find impossible challenges and frightening surprises at every turn - even the most mundane tasks (walking the dog, buying the groceries and taking the metro) prove baffling. But her natural compassion and sheer grit ensure her survival and gradually, Fatima's unique gift for altering the lives of those around her begins to have an astonishing effect.

Her new friends - including her flamboyant American neighbour, Hadley Hadley III and Hippolyte Suget, a bashful ballet dancer turned burglar - all benefit from the magical luck that follows in her wake. And then, suddenly, it's Fatima's turn, her moment to seize happiness.

Irresistibly touching and witty, this story of love, loneliness and determination is alive with the sights, sounds and tastes of Paris. 'Fatima's Good Fortune' is a tribute to the power of kindness in an unpredictable world.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2004
153 x 234mm

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