FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA

FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA by Prakash C. Rao & Ann Reedy & Beryl Bellman

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197 x 235 x 51mm

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"The only official study guide to CEA--the #1 vendor-neutral enterprise architecture certification Written and authorized by the FEAC Institute, FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide offers complete coverage of all the material on the Certified Enterprise Architect exam. This book features hands-on projects using all major frameworks and methodologies and also serves as a highly practical resource for today's enterprise architect responsible for commissioning, overseeing, and performing architecture work in the federal, defense, and commercial sectors. FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide covers all objectives on the Certified Enterprise Architecture exam Includes CD-ROM with CEA-oriented Practicums and an e-book Helps you master the topics and skills required to pass the challenging CEA exam Serves as a comprehensive reference on all components of an enterprise architecture Covers the proprietary Department of Defense (DoD) Architecture Framework 2.0 Contains realistic models that can be applied immediately by a practitioner regardless of the type of organization (government, civilian, commercial, etc.) Demystifies U.S. federal documentation to provide actionable methodologies and best practices to create and maintain successful EAs In-depth coverage: EA Basic Concepts; Enterprise Architecting; Planning the EA; Implementing the EA; Disseminating the EA; Maintaining the EA; Governing the EA; Using the EA; EA Modeling; EA in Government (FEA and FSAM); EA in Defense (DoDAF and Variants); EA in the Commercial Sector; EA Tools and Repositories; Case Study: Civilian Airport"--
Publication Date:
21 / 07 / 2011
197 x 235 x 51mm

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