Fearless Resumes: The Proven Method for Getting a Great Job Fast

Fearless Resumes: The Proven Method for Getting a Great Job Fast by Marky Stein
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“Marky cuts to the core of what it takes to quickly attract the eye of an interviewer. Fearless Résumés is sure to be a winner for the serious job seeker.”

—Lynn Joseph, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Job-Loss Recovery Program Guide

Bestselling author and renowned career coach Marky Stein provides the edge you need in today’s ultracompetitive job market. With Fearless Résumés you will transform your résumé from words on paper into a vibrant self-presentation that tells prospective employers what they want to hear.

In no time, you’ll be crafting a résumé that hooks prospective employers’ attention, turns boring past duties into dynamic personal statements, transforms weaknesses into strengths—and gets your name on top of the résumé heap in any HR office.

Fearless Résumés shows how to

Use words and phrases employers look for

Prove your value to the company

Turn weaknesses into strengths

Avoid common snares

Unlike dry, run-of-the-mill guides consisting of little more than a sample résumé, Fearless Résumés is a quick and fun book that provides a proven résumé-crafting strategy from a top expert in her field.
Publication Date:
17 / 08 / 2009

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