Fighting Fraud

By: Gerald L. Kovacich

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This practical reference provides the basics for instituting a corporate anti-fraud program that helps prepare corporate security professionals and other corporate managers for fighting corporate fraud from inside the company. It provides an exceptional foundation for security professionals or business executives involved in developing and implementing a corporate anti-fraud program as part of a corporate assets protection program.The author's intent is to provide the reader with a practitioner's guide (a "how-to book), augmented by some background information to put it all in perspective. The approach used should enable the readers to immediately put in place a useful anti-fraud program under the leadership of the corporate security officer (CSO), or other corporate professional.* Shows professionals how to save their companies money.* Provides a roadmap for developing an anti-fraud program.* Allows security professionals to tailor their anti-fraud program to their own corporate environment.* Explains how fraud is costing corporations a competitive edge in the global marketplace.
Publication Date:
27 / 08 / 2007

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