Financial Bliss: How To Grow Wealthy Together

Financial Bliss: How To Grow Wealthy Together by Sarah Pennells
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The only book specially written to help you and your partner manage your finances – together. Getting married or moving in with a partner is an exciting and meaningful stage in any relationship. But often, in all the excitement and planning, money and financial issues can get lost, buried or simply ignored. Managing your money in a partnership is critically important and careful control of it will help both of you cope through many situations and problems.

You're likely to take on joint financial commitments, and this book guides you through the all the twists and turns in the financial maze and clearly explains how you can maximise the rewards and minimize the risks involved in joining finances.

Financial Bliss will encourage you and your partner to be open and honest about money and your expectations around it. You'll discover how to jointly maximise your financial assets and discover if, financially at least, you are compatible. You'll discover how discussing your finances can be hugely rewarding as you support each other and build your dreams together.

Find out how the money in your partnership is viewed by the law, how pre-nuptial agreements work, how you can benefit financially from a marriage or civil partnership and how to protect individual and joint assets.

Financial Bliss will also help you plan financially for some of life's milestones, both good and bad: getting married; having a baby; buying a house; losing a job; illness and incapacity. Find out all about wills, how they are probably the most important document you will sign in your life and how vital they are in protecting the financial future of both your partner and your children. An annual 'Money MOT' will help you ascertain if things are moving in the right direction and if your joint finances are still working in both your best interests.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2008

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