Financial Times Guide To Strategy: How to Create and Deliver a Winning Strategy - 3 Ed

Financial Times Guide To Strategy: How to Create and Deliver a Winning Strategy - 3 Ed by Richard Koch
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Developing a good strategy is remarkably simple. Yet the subject has become obscured and over-complicated by academics and consultants, with their own proprietary methods. Strategy has become remote from those who need it most: owners and executives.

By far the greatest value of strategy is at the sharp end of business, where line managers are fighting to create and deliver products and services that customers will prefer to those of their competitors. A new business world is emerging, which every strategist must appreciate and know how to exploit. The concepts of strategy do not need to be re-written, but they must be adapted to the new world. The Internet and the personal computer are transforming the way that business is conducted.

Features of this book:
- Shows operating managers how they can devise their own Business Unit strategies quickly and effectively, without any help from the "clever dogs" in academia or consultancies
- Demonstrates the power of strategy to raise profits
- Provides a DIY strategy kit for managers
- Provides a lively A-Z of strategy concepts, terms and techniques

This second edition is fully updated and demonstrates how developing a strategy can be easy and fun, and at the same time, rewarding. It reflects changes in the theory and practice of strategy and includes rounded commentary. Now it is time to put strategy back in the hands of those who should use it.
Publication Date:
28 / 08 / 2006

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