Fisherman's Daughter

Fisherman's Daughter by Molly Jackson
Loyalty Reward Rebate
  1. $1.20*
  2. $1.68*
  3. $2.40*
  4. $2.40*
  * Rebate calculated before redemption of credit. See Terms for more information.
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When Robbie Fraser receives an anonymous note saying 'Your father is in trouble. He has disappeared and may be in danger. Come to Kinlochvegan as soon as you can' he is shocked beyond belief. As far as he was aware he had no father and his mother has taken the truth with her to her grave. But with nothing to keep him in England, he travels to the small Scottish fishing village to find the man he never knew. When he arrives, he is met with hostility and the claustrophobic insularity of a small-town community. Only Heather McBain seems to want to befriend him and through her he learns of the bitter rivalry between their fathers. Thirty years ago, the two men fell out for reasons no one really knows and the enmity between them has burnt on, dominating the village life. Whilst her own father barely acknowledged her existence, Hamish Fraser always found time for her and it was she who summoned Robbie to Scotland. Now she is convinced that her father is involved in Hamish's disappearance. But as she and Robbie start to dig into the mystery, buried secrets come to light which could destroy them all.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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