Five Minutes More: Georgie Beanie

Five Minutes More: Georgie Beanie by ABC Enterprises
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180 x 100mm

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Discover the world of five furry friends, Louisa the polar bear, Sam the monkey, Faraway the aardvark, Georgie the penguin and Florrie the dog, who live on a magical patchwork quilt. More than anything, these five friends love to tell each other stories. Together, this small group of beanie-style toys take it in turns to be the storyteller, while their friends act out the story. We fade into a patchwork picture and find the toys in the land of the imagination. With its soft hand-sewn look and familiar storytelling style, it's time for a story, so won't you stay for Five Minutes More?

Georgie is an enthusiastic little penguin. His inquisitive nature leads to him getting so wrapped up in the story that he forgets what he is supposed to be doing. His friends are always there to help him along and remind him of what he is doing!

The Five Minutes More plush look exactly as they do on TV, replicating the soft and hand-sewn look of the beanie-style characters. Every child can now cuddle and share the storytelling experience with their very own Georgie!
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2007
180 x 100mm

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