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    By: William Burroughs

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    'Look down at my filthy trousers, haven't been changed in months . . . The days glide by strung on a syringe with a long thread of blood . . . I am forgetting sex and all sharp pleasures of the body - a grey, junk-bound ghost. The Spanish boys call me El Hombre Invisible - the Invisible Man . . .'

    Say hello to Bradley the Buyer, the best narcotics agent in the business. Attend international playboy AJ's annual party, where the punch is to be treated with extreme caution. Meet Dr "Fingers" Schafer, the Lobotomy Kid and his giant centipede, "The Complete American De-anxietised Man". And enter the dark and infernal mind of Bill Lee as he pursues his daily quest for the ultimate merchandise . . .

    Provocative, influential, morbidly fascinating, 'Naked Lunch' is an apocalyptic ride through the darker recesses of the human psyche.

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