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    By: Devi Sharan

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    For Captain Devi Sharan, IC 814 from Kathmandu to Delhi was another routine flight, bringing home honeymooners, holiday-makers and businessmen, special only in that it was the last Christmas Eve of the millennium and he was to go on vacation with his family. But when five masked men brandishing guns and hand grenades hijacked the aircraft, his life and the lives of the 188 passengers and crew changed forever.The book brings to life the drama, tension and horror of those eight days inside the aircraft, as it flew to Amristar, Lahore, Dubai and finally Kandahar. There, in a cold and alien place, ordinary men and women were pushed beyond the limits of normal human endurance and forced to confont situations they could not have even imagined before: murder, bloodshed, starvation, overflowing toilets, and above all, the crippling uncertainty of living under the constant threat of death.Flight into Fear is a tale of courage and fortitude, of hope and its ebbing. It is the story of what it is like to be in command under extreme duress and against the odds.

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