Rising Sun Over Burma: Flying Tigers and Wild Eagles, 1941-1942 - How Japan Remembers the Battle

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By: Daniel Ford

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In December 1941, the Japanese Imperial Army came ashore on the British colony of Malaya. In support of that invasion, its air arm began to raid neighboring Burma and its seaport and capital city of Rangoon. The battle of Rangoon would soon make its American defenders famous as the "Flying Tigers." Beginning in 1942 and at regular intervals thereafter, the Tigers' exploits in Burma would be hailed in the west as a triumph of outnumbered men and obsolete machine against overwhelming odds--"like rowboats against the Spanish Armada," in the words of one historian. But what was the truth of these air battles? In the course of writing his definitive history of the American Volunteer Group, journalist and historian Daniel Ford spent a year translating Japanese documents, histories, and popular memoirs of the air war in Southeast Asia. Here for the first time is the story of that battle as it is remembered in Japan to this day. Essential reading for every fan of the Flying Tigers. (About 20,000 words)
Publication Date:
23 / 03 / 2014

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