Focal Digital Imaging A to Z

Focal Digital Imaging A to Z by Adrian Davies
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In this clear, easy-to-use A-Z guide, Adrian Davies explains all the jargon associated with digital imaging. Perfect for both the amateur and professional, you will find a comprehensive range of over 1000 definitions and explanations in this essential handy resource. Fully updated to cover all the latest techniques and technological developments, new extended sections cover all the important terms, including CCD, colour management, resolution, sharpening and compression. Illustrated throughout with high quality colour images, The Focal Digital Imaging A-Z is supported by a constantly updated website, giving you information on other useful resources.Take advantage of this superb quick and easy reference and never be confused by jargon or terminology again!* Expand and develop your knowledge through this clear and easily accessible essential reference to over 1000 digital imaging terms and definitions * Achieve an in-depth level of understanding of key terms with new extended entries and sections* Visualize the workings of processes with the help of high quality illustrations and images in full color
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2005

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