Focused Issue on The Marketing Process in Organizational Competence

Focused Issue on The Marketing Process in Organizational Competence by Unknown
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This first volume of "Research in Competence-Based Management (RCBM)" signals the launch of a long-awaited outlet for peer-reviewed research papers contributing to advancement of competence-based management theory. Each volume in "RCBM" will be focused on a key aspect of competence theory. The focus in this volume on "The Marketing Process in Organizational Competence" reflects the fundamental market orientation in competence theory's foundational concepts and theoretical development. Papers in this volume explore key aspects of the common conceptual foundations of competence and marketing theories, and help to make clear the great relevance of marketing theory for competence-based management theory and practice, as well as the relevance of competence theory for marketing theory and practice. Papers by authors from both the marketing and competence fields elaborate the nature of the marketing process and clarify the ways in which the marketing process is integral to building and leveraging organizational competences.
Publication Date:
02 / 12 / 2005

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