Food and Beverage Management Mediabase

Food and Beverage Management Mediabase by Cailein Gillespie
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The 'Food and Beverage Management Interactive CDRom' is a 3 CDRom interactive mediabase with 265 interactive infoscreens including:* Navigable wine maps* Video clips of production methods*Audio pronunciations and text descriptions in English, French, German and Italian* Photographs of serving suggestions, packaging and labels * An interactive exercise* Role-play videos of good and bad restaurant practice* Interviews with suppliers* Links to Internet sites* A virtual restaurant and barThis major resource equips management students with the core knowledge to prepare, produce and present food and at the highest levels of quality in the industry, as well as gain knowledge of marketing and public relations issues.A complete interactive learning toolCovers all components needed in a food and beverage management courseEasily navigable and clearly structured, brings the topic to life by means of audio and video material
Publication Date:
04 / 12 / 2001

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