Football for the Utterly Confused

Football for the Utterly Confused by Tom Flores, Bob O'Connor
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“There is something here for anyone who wants to coach or have a better understanding of the game. . . . It fills the gaps in many areas that aficionados may not even think about.”

--Jon Gruden, Super Bowl winning coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If you're new to football or share the couch with a die-hard fan, this is the book that tackles your toughest questions about what's happening on the field.

Football for the Utterly Confused provides in-depth coverage of the rules, the positions, the scoring, the jargon, and the players on each side of the ball. Don't just walk by while others talk about last night's game. Join the fun with what you learn in this play-by-play guide.

Let these Utterly Simple icons guide you!

What to Watch For

Clues you in to key points in the game and on the field

From the Playbook

Defines all the terms you'll need to know to talk the talk

Historically Speaking

Puts all the details of how the game works in context, with stories of the greatest coaches, players, and games ever played
Publication Date:
20 / 07 / 2009

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