Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan

Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan by P. W. Storm

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They are a covert Marine SpecOps unit -- a lethal weapon so secret only a handful of powerful men know of their existence.To get this far, they had to be the very best of the best.To get home, they'll have to be even better.Force 5 Recon: Deployment: PakistanThe hunt is on for the world's most feared terrorist, hidden somewhere in the labyrinthine mountains of northern Pakistan, after his "sleepers" unleash a nightmare of fire and death across the length of the U.S. But the cold-blooded mass murderer Mohammed al-Zumar holds a wild card: a hostage American television news crew. An elite team of Special Operatives led by Sergeant Mac Rainey is already in al-Zumar's backyard. Stranded in a Pakistani no-man's-land with their cover blown and their extraction copter shot out of the sky, Force 5 Recon sets off to find and free the captives on their own and exact a righteous revenge -- five U.S. Marines against a merciless criminal and his terrorist army in one of the world's most inhospitable regions. But these are exactly the odds Rainey and his men were trained to confront ... and to conquer.
Publication Date:
13 / 10 / 2009

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