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    Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan

    By: R W Storm

    Date Released
    111 x 178mm

    Out of Print

    An unstoppable army of five - America's most devastating secret weapon in the war on terrorism . . .

    The five soldiers that comprise the elite team of Force 5 Recon are a military Dream Team, a group of special operators so secret, only a select handful of powerful men even know of their existence. Under cover of this anonymity, they travel over any border, break any rule, if it means getting the job done.

    Sergeant Mac Rainey and his team of elite Marines known as Force 5 Recon are assigned to take digital pictures of a suspected terrorist training camp in the hostile northwest frontier province of Pakistan. When their cover is blown, their extraction chopper is shot down, and they learn that a famous American war correspondent and his crew have been captured by terrorists, Rainey takes his men on a perilous trek through the mountains in pursuit of the news crew and the chopper pilots who have also been captured.

    What Rainey and his team will soon realise is that they are actually chasing down Mohammed al-Zumar, the world's most wanted terrorist. The showdown will occur at a mosque in the remote mountain town of Chitral, where al-Zumar intends to link up with allies who will fly him into Tajikistan.

    It'll take five very hard men to stop him. It'll take the Force 5 Recon Marines.
    Publication Date:
    01 / 02 / 2004
    111 x 178mm

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