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    Fortune's Favourites


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    Colleen McCullough's third magnificent novel in her outstanding series on ancient Rome, which began with 'The First Man In Rome', and 'The Grass Crown', approaches its shattering climax as Julius Caesar's star begins to shine more brightly.

    'Fortune's Favourites' witnesses the power, mastery and cunning of two enigmatic rulers of Rome - Sulla, returning from exile, and the twenty-two year old Pompey, who designates himself Magnus 'the Great'. And in the background is the young soldier, Caesar, who begins to show the expert qualities that will one day culminate in him becoming an unparalleled leader of ancient Rome.

    And at the heart of this sumptuous tale is the unforgettable story of Spartacus and his doomed slave revolt - the true story, as no modern reader has ever before encountered it . . .

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