Foundations of Engineering Acoustics

Foundations of Engineering Acoustics by Frank J. Fahy

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Foundations of Engineering Acoustics takes the reader on a journey from a qualitative introduction to the physical nature of sound, explained in terms of common experience, to mathematical models and analytical results which underlie the techniques applied by the engineering industry to improve the acoustic performance of their products. The book is distinguished by extensive descriptions and explanations of audio-frequency acoustic phenomena and their relevance to engineering, supported by a wealth of diagrams, and by a guide for teachers of tried and tested class demonstrations and laboratory-based experiments. Foundations of Engineering Acoustics is a textbook suitable for both senior undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mechanical, aerospace, marine, and possibly electrical and civil engineering schools at universities. It will be a valuable reference for academic teachers and researchers and will also assist Industrial Acoustic Group staff and Consultants.Comprehensive and up-to-date: broad coverage, many illustrations, questions, elaborated answers, references and a bibliographyIntroductory chapter on the importance of sound in technology and the role of the engineering acousticianDeals with the fundamental concepts, principles, theories and forms of mathematical representation, rather than methodologyFrequent reference to practical applications and contemporary technologyEmphasizes qualitative, physical introductions to each principal as an entree to mathematical analysis for the less theoretically oriented readers and coursesProvides a 'cook book' of demonstrations and laboratory-based experiments for teachersUseful for discussing acoustical problems with non-expert clients/managers because the descriptive sections are couched in largely non-technical language and any jargon is explainedDraws on the vast pedagogic experience of the writer
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12 / 09 / 2000

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