Four Iron in the Soul

Four Iron in the Soul by Lawrence Donegan

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Four Iron in the Soul by Lawrence Donegan - the hilarious inside story of GolfIn this very funny sports book, young journalist Lawrence Donegan tells the story of the summer he spent caddying for Scottish golfer Ross Drummond, ranked over 400 in the world,on the European Tour. This is the amazing story of the geniuses,the cheats, the gurus and the hangers-on that make up the golf scene. A cross between Nick Hornby and Bill Bryson, this book will be loved by readers of Fever Pitch and Notes from a Small Island.'A joy to read. Not since Bill Bryson plotted a random route through small-town America has such a breezy idea for a book had a happier or funnier result' - Lynne Truss, The Times

'Funny, beautifully observed and it tells you things about sport in general and golf in particular that nobody else had thought to pass on' - Patrick Collins, Mail on SundayLawrence Donegan was born in Scotland in 1961. He went to Stirling University, and had a brief spell as a pop star - he was in the band THE BLUEBELLS, who had a big hit with the infuriatingly catchy "Young at Heart", before joining the Guardian. He lives in Glasgow.
Publication Date:
02 / 01 / 2014

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