Four Weeks to a Better-Behaved Child

Four Weeks to a Better-Behaved Child by Cristine Chandler, Laura McGrath
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A smart, easy-to-implement, and unique approach to positive disciplining

Drawing on her highly successful methods developed in her private practice, Dr. Cristine Chandler lays out clear, step-by-step instructions to help parents foster good behavior in their children based on the positive premise: that children behave well when they understand clearly what is expected of them.

Most discipline problems occur when parents are inconsistent about what they expect. Four Weeks to a Better-Behaved Child shows parents how to implement the "4Cs" of discipline in their daily practice: use clear, consistent, contingent consequences. Moreover, in this concise, straightforward book, Dr. Chandler challenges several commonly used approaches to discipline and provides alternatives. She shows parents:

Why punishment is often the least effective way to discipline children

Why anger never works

Why "time-out" works only sometimes--and what to do instead

How to use consequences to encourage--and get--good behavior
Publication Date:
12 / 05 / 2004

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