Fourier Acoustics by Earl G. Williams

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Intended a both a textbook and a reference, Fourier Acoustics develops the theory of sound radiation uniquely from the viewpoint of Fourier Analysis. This powerful perspective of sound radiation provides the reader with a comprehensive and practical understanding which will enable him or her to diagnose and solve sound and vibration problems in the 21st Century. As a result of this perspective, Fourier Acoustics is able to present thoroughly and simply, for the first time in book form, the theory of nearfield acoustical holography, an important technique which has revolutionised the measurement of sound. Relying little on material outside the book, Fourier Acoustics will be invaluable as a graduate level text as well as a reference for researchers in academia and industry.The physics of wave propogation and sound vibration in homogeneous mediaAcoustics, such as radiation of sound, and radiation from vibrating surfacesInverse problems, such as the theory of nearfield acoustical holographyMathematics of specialized functions, such as spherical harmonics
Publication Date:
10 / 06 / 1999

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