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    By: Peter Traquair

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    Scotland's Wars of Independence.

    Peter Traquair's grim tale of treachery, greed, and slaughter strips away the myths surrounding two of Scotland's greatest heroes, William Wallace and Robert Bruce. His sweeping account of the Anglo-Scottish wars reveals the passions and plots that divided the English and Scottish courts and presents the first modern account of the campaigns after Robert's death.

    Three English kings wage war: Edward I, the aging tyrant whose ambition drives Scotland to take up arms; Edward II, who faces more sinister enemies in his own court than on the battlefield; Edward III who seizes power from his mother's lover in a coup d'etat at the age of seventeen.

    'Freedom's Sword' is not only a military history; it also paints a dramatic picture of the wars that established Scotland as an independent nation.

    Contains 30 full colour, and 4 black and white illustrations.

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