French Children Don't Throw Food: Parenting Secrets from Paris

French Children Don't Throw Food: Parenting Secrets from Paris by Pamela Druckerman

131 x 204 x 32mm

How the French tame their babies, raise 'sage' kids and have a life! What British parent hasn't noticed, on visiting France, how well-behaved French children are - compared to our own?

French children don't throw food and aren't fussy about what they eat They will happily and quietly sit through long lunches in restaurants They don't throw screaming tantrums in the supermarket French children go to bed without making a fuss What is the secret is behind the French style of parenting?

And how do young French mothers manage to continue looking so cool and sexy? Pamela Druckerman, who lives in Paris with three young children, has had years of observing her French friends and neighbours, and is ideally placed to give us the answers, and with wit and style, teach us the basics of parenting a la Francaise.

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