Friction Dynamics by Xiandong Liu

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Friction Dynamics: Principles and Applications introduces readers to the basic principles of friction dynamics, which are presented in a unified theoretical framework focusing on some of the most important engineering applications. The book's chapters introduce basic concepts and analytical methods of friction dynamics, followed by sections that explore the fundamental principles of frictions. Concluding chapters focus on engineering applications in brake dynamics, the friction dynamics of rods used in oil suck pump systems, and the friction impact dynamics of rotors. This book provides comprehensive topics and up-to-date results, also presenting a thorough account of important advancements in friction dynamics which offer insights into varied dynamic phenomena, helping readers effectively design and fabricate stable and durable friction systems and components for various engineering and scientific friction dynamical systems.Investigates the most critical engineering and scientific applicationsProvides the most comprehensive reference of its kindOffers a systematic treatment and a unified frameworkExplores cutting-edge methodologies to address non-stationary, non-linear dynamics and control
Publication Date:
20 / 07 / 2016

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