From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation

From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation by Leslie de Chernatony
By: Leslie de Chernatony

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'From Brand Vision to Brand Value' presents the reader with practical applications for brand building that build upon the theoretical background outlined in 'Creating Powerful Brands', a hugely successful text co-written by the author.It moves beyond the foundation material in that preliminary text to construct a flow chart for progressing the brand building process from strategy through tactics to implementation. Each stage in the flow process is examined to demonstrate how it can be applied in a real business context. The book provides an authoritative template for understanding the steps to maintaining, building and maximizing brand value.The best practice will therefore be allied to templates that allow people to undertake appropriate activity within their company. It will be essential reading for practitioners, students and executive courses.Creating Powerful Brands gives the background and this book contains the practical steps to implement theorySquarely aimed at practitioners and executive students within/without the CIMOne of marketing's ongoing hottest topics and by the UK's leading brands academic
Publication Date:
24 / 04 / 2001

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