Fuels of Opportunity: Characteristics and Uses In Combustion Systems

By: N. Stanley Harding

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As electricity generators and process industries are increasingly seeking less expensive fuels for the generation of electricity and process heat, there is an ever-increasing industry-led emphasise on exploring the possibility of utilising opportunity fuels. This book considers a diverse range of opportunity fuels and their application by addressing the following fundamental issues: * What are the specific fuel properties of these opportunity fuels? * What are the combustion/conversion characteristics of these fuels fired alone or in combination with conventional fossil fuels? * How are they best applied in energy settings? * What are the technical and environmental consequences of their use? In considering these fuels the book presents detailed updated information on fuel characterization approaches and fuel utilization technologies.* Explores environmental considerations associated with opportunity fuels, such as, how their utilisation of opportunity fuels can reduce airborne emissions* Provides professionals in energy generation/energy use industries, a clear definition of fuels of opportunity, evaluates their composition, highlights the modern characteristics, and considers the technologies appropriate for their utilisation in energy applications* Offers in-depth analysis of opportunity fuel usage, with a strong concentration on the relationship between the combustion processes and subsequent consequences to the structure, reactivity, and related properties of opportunity fuels
Publication Date:
20 / 01 / 2004

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