Fundamentals of the Theory of Computation: Principles and Practice: Principles and Practice by H. James Hoover, Raymond Greenlaw

By: H. James Hoover, Raymond Greenlaw

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This innovative textbook presents the key foundational concepts for a one-semester undergraduate course in the theory of computation. It offers the most accessible and motivational course material available for undergraduate computer theory classes. Directed at undergraduates who may have difficulty understanding the relevance of the course to their future careers, the text helps make them more comfortable with the techniques required for the deeper study of computer science. The text motivates students by clarifying complex theory with many examples, exercises and detailed proofs.

* This book is shorter and more accessible than the books now being used in core computer theory courses.
* Theory of computing is a standard, required course in all computer science departments.
Publication Date:
14 / 07 / 1998

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