Funds of Hedge Funds

Funds of Hedge Funds by Greg N. Gregoriou

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With about $450 billion in assets, funds of hedge funds are the most recent darling of investors. While hedge funds carry high risk for the promise of high returns they are designed for the very rich and for large institutional investors such as pension funds. A Fund of Hedge Funds (FOF) spreads investments among a number of hedge funds to reduce risk and provide diversification, while maintaining the potential for higher than average returns. Odds are that some pension fund of yours is invested heavily in these products, and more recently these FOFs have been opened to more and more individual investors in offshore jurisdictions with lower minimum entry levels. Since this is a new and extremely fast-moving financial phenomenon, academic research has just begun in earnest, and this is the first book to present rigorous academic research by some of the leading lights in academic finance, carefully analyzing the broad array of issues involved in FOFs.* With over $450 billion in assets, hedge funds of funds are the darling of investors* First book to present rigorous academic research about funds of funds * Leading lights in academic finance from around the world analyze the broad array of issues involved in funds of funds
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2011

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