Future of Employment Relations

Future of Employment Relations by Unknown
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It is difficult to argue with the notion that the world of work is changing. Rapidly changing technology, a fundamental sectoral shift away from manufacturing and the public sector all have major implications for the management of people and the systems of HR utilised. Working patterns have also changed during the last 30 years, so that the classic or 'old' image of work as principally male, full-time and permanent is no longer a useful guide. People are also changing. People are changing in their preferences for types of work, their involvement in unions and other collectives, and what they seek from their work and non-work experiences. However, one thing remains a constant through all this change is the requirement for the great majority of our population to work. In this book Wilkinson and Townsend bring together a team of specialists to reconsider some aspects of work, the employment relationship and organisations.
Publication Date:
26 / 10 / 2011

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