Galbraith's Building and Land Management Law for Students

Galbraith's Building and Land Management Law for Students by Anne Galbraith

By: Anne Galbraith

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All students of 'built environment' subjects need to have a core understanding of the key areas of the law that affect the industry. This book allows them to learn these issues in a clear-cut and realistic approach giving them knowledge and a secure grasp of how the rules and regulations work in practice.As Anne Galbraith wrote in the third edition, 'Legal advice given in good time may prove to be very cost effective in the long term' - this book will teach its readers, whether students or professionals, when to seek this advice.The fifth edition has been fully updated to include all the changes within the law since 1998, including the amendments to the Health and Safety Acts and the introduction of new EU laws, and changes to the building regulations.*The fifth edition of a classic textbook*Fully updated to take into account the latest legal changes*A practical and straightforward account of building law
Publication Date:
18 / 10 / 2004

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