Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence

Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence by Bob Dvorchak & Bill Moushey
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For almost two decades, a dark secret lurked behind the outstanding success of the Penn State football program. When it surfaced in November 2011, it left a shocked nation wondering one thing: How did it go on for so long?

In this incisive work of investigative journalism, Bill Moushey and Bob Dvorchak go behind the headlines and the official statements to expose the extent of the lies, blind eyes, and abuses of power that allowed the now-convicted assistant coach Jerry Sandusky to sexually abuse at-risk young boys for years. What they find shatters the pristine image of the leadership that runs State College, Pennsylvania -- a code of silence, a pattern of protecting one's own, and a cover-up more extensive and irresponsible than anyone had imagined.

With explosive new discoveries and an intimate portrayal of the 'Happy Valley' culture of State College, Moushey and Dvorchak craft a story that is as riveting as it is unsettling. In the midst of a male-dominated football culture, they uncover the untold stories of the mothers and wives, the sisters and daughters associated with the scandal. They trace the rise and fall of former head coach Joe Paterno -- hometown hero, national icon, and purveyor of two national championships and the most wins in the history of college football. Meanwhile, this success and glory is juxtaposed with the hidden anguish of Sandusky's victims.

A story that explores the messy morality of pride and loyalty, of silence and bearing witness, this book will leave readers questioning everything they thought they knew about right and wrong.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2013
203 x 135mm

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